7 Best Books for Coding Interview Preparation

Coding Interviews are an obstacle almost every programmer has to go through at some point in their careers. Luckily, to help us overcome this obstacle we have compiled some of the Best Books for Coding Interview preparation for you.

These books on Coding interview preparation, generally deal with explaining how the interviews are held, walk you through the process, and have hundreds of questions commonly seen and asked in interviews. They also include the answers and explain the thought process and reasoning behind the answer.

1. Cracking the Coding Interview

Best Books for Coding Interview Preparation

This book is easily the most popular book out there for Coding Interview preparation. Almost every software engineer has heard about this book, regardless of whether they have read it or not.

“Cracking the Coding Interview” is written by a highly experienced software engineer who has worked with several big companies such as Microsoft Google. The author has had the experience of interviewing hundreds of candidate fur such companies. Using this experience, the author published this book as the ultimate guide for people preparing for coding interviews.

To summarize, the Book consists of 189 coding interview questions. There are various hints given to you to help you solve the problem (just like a real coding interview). Every question is followed by a step-by-step solution that explains the thought process behind how you are supposed to solve it.

You can purchase the book online here >>>

2. Elements of Programming Interviews in C++

Best Books for Coding Interview Preparation

Elements of Programming interviews is a great book for Coding Interview prep that comes with over 200 common problems. Furthermore, there are over 200 diagrams, 300 tried and test programs and 150 alternate answers included. This is a pretty great addition, as many books do not have enough code, or have incorrect solutions.

The book also includes a section on the more “non-technical” parts of a coding interviews. It talks about common mistakes that people make during the interview, tips on how to negotiate and offers you a perspective from the interviewers side.

Another great feature of this book is that it comes in various programming languages such as Java and Python.

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3. Elements of Programming Interviews in Python

This here is the Python version of the Elements of Programming Interviews Book. Just like the C++ version, this is also highly acclaimed and well known in the industry. A great choice for Python developers who are looking for jobs in big companies.

You can purchase the book online here >>>

4. Coding Interview – Programming Questions Analysis & Solutions

The book, Coding Interview – Programming Questions Analysis & Solutions, aims to target 5 major areas on the basis of which candidates are selected.

1. the basics of programming languages, data structures and algorithms
2. approaches to writing code with high quality
3. tips to solve difficult problems
4. methods to optimize code
5. soft skills required in interviews.

It includes some useful information about how the interviewers evaluate your responses, and how to give a response that they would like. This books provides you with information to help you pass your Coding Interview, as well as helping you walk out of the room with the best possible offer.

You can purchase the book online here >>>

5. The Complete Coding Interview Guide in Java

This book is a great choice for programmers who use Java as their primary language. Like any other good Coding Prep Book, this book is also full of questions (over 200) and their solutions in a step-by-step manner with the thought process being explained too.

One notable feature of this book, is that it categorizes questions for each different companies. (So if there is a specific company you want to get into, you can do those questions)

You can purchase the book online here >>>

6. Programming Interviews Exposed

Unlike most of the books listed here, Programming Interviews Exposed, focuses alot on the more “non-technical” parts of the interview process. They will tell you what interviewer expects from you, what criteria they have and how they evaluate you.

The interview process has been changing in the modern times, and many are not familiar with some hidden techniques interviewers use. This book will guide you through all of that.

Of course, there is also a sufficient amount of time dedicated to examining coding problems and their solutions, so don’t worry about that.

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7. The Algorithm Design Manual

Books for Coding Interview Preparation for Algorithm Questions

This book may seem a little out of place compared to the rest, but it is here for a reason. In interviews, most of the questions are based around Algorithms and Data structures. This book aims to help you through these questions by deepening your understanding on these topics.

Most interview preparation books focus more on the “interview aspect” of things, and don’t contribute much in the way of actually improving your skills as a programmer. This book on the other hand, actually improves your concepts while preparing you for the interview questions.

Just like any good coding interview prep book, The Algorithm Design Manual is full of questions, their solutions and a step-by-step detailed thought process.

You can purchase the book online here >>>

Other Resources:

As we mentioned earlier, Algorithms and Data Structures play a massive role in Coding Interviews. If you are serious about this, and also want to improve your algorithmic knowledge along the way, refer to this article on top book recommendations on Algorithms.

This marks the end of the Best Books for Coding Interview Preparation Article. Any suggestions or contributions for CodersLegacy are more than welcome. Questions regarding the tutorial content can be asked in the comments section below.

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