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The Difference between Arduino and Raspberry Pi

In this Article we are going to discuss the difference between two popular circuit boards types, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. These two boards are used by a wide range of people for a variety of jobs, including DIY builders, Robotics, Prototyping and even used by Professionals. Arduino Arduino was developed by the Ivrea Interaction Design […]

Introduction to Sorting Algorithms

In this Introduction to Sorting Algorithms Article, we’ll be covering all the important and commonly used Sorting Algorithms. We’ll explain each one of them briefly, their worst and best scenarios, Big O notations and then finally compare their performance. Not all of them directly compete with each other, some being better under certain circumstances or […]

Types of Sorting Algorithms (Comparison, Recursive, Inplace)

Most people are aware of the various Sorting Algorithms and even their respective time complexities, best case, worst case etc. However, they have little knowledge about the types of Sorting Algorithms. Knowing about these different types is important because it reveals important information regarding the workings of the Sorting Algorithm, as well as it’s limitations. […]

Improving Performance in Pygame – Speed up your Game

While Pygame may be lacking features and optimization when compared to actual game development frameworks, low performance in it is not often it’s fault. If your simple 2D game is having performance issues, the problem lies in your coding, not Pygame. In this article on Improving Performance in Pygame, we’ll explain how exactly you can […]

Codecademy Review | Is Pro worth it? [2020]

This is review on the tutorial site, Codecademy. About Codecademy Codecademy is an online learning education platform that offers coding classes. Codecademy covers an unbelievable amount of different languages and a massive number of concepts and topics. It’s one of the largest educational sites in the world, with a pretty good reputation for it’s courses […]

Python GUI Frameworks

This article covers the most popular GUI Frameworks in Python. One of Python’s strongest selling points is the vast number of GUI libraries available for GUI development. GUI development can be a tricky task, but thanks to the tools these Python GUI frameworks provide us, things become much simpler. While some of the below GUI […]

Datacamp Review

This article is a review on coding tutorial site, Datacamp. Datacamp is a very well known online learning platform for programmers. It aims to teach a variety of different languages and topics through the use of videos, text and exercises. In this review we’ll be attempting to cover everything about Datacamp, from it’s format to […]