C++ Advanced

In this C++ Section, we have compiled some of the more advanced topics in C++. If you have cleared the Basics Section properly, your concepts should be fairly developed by now, and you should be ready to take on more advanced topics like Virtual Functions and Object Oriented Programming.

Advanced C++

C++ Exception Handling: Having your program crash mid-way due to an error can be pretty frustrating. To combat this, we have Exception Handling, which can catch errors as they occur and handle them gracefully without exiting the program.

C++ File Handling: Uptil now, all the programming you have done only only really lasted while it was running on the console. With File Handling, you can save and write data to files, allowing the results of your code to exist even after the program has stopped run.

C++ Associative Containers: Vectors, Arrays and Lists (Sequence Containers) are pretty good for most tasks, but sometimes you’ll need C++ Associative Containers such as Maps and Sets. Associative containers store “Sorted Data” because of which it is much faster to search through and access the data.

C++ Classes: Object Oriented Programming is a major concept used in programming, without which you cannot get very far. The root of Object Oriented Programming lies in Class and Objects, where Classes are blueprints for Objects and the concept that “everything is made out of objects”.

C++ Function Overloading: Another handy feature, which allows you to define several different functions with different signatures that all share the same name.

C++ Virtual Functions: An important part of Polymorphism and Inheritance in C++, that comes in handy when creating complex relationships between Child and Parent Classes.

C++ Multithreading: In this tutorial we’ll discuss one of the more advanced programming concepts, C++ Multithreading and Concurrency. Multithreading is basically the concept of using Multiple execution threads, each running independently of each other, but all running in parallel to complete a task(s).

If you feel like our “C++ Advanced” section is lacking something, feel free to tell us, or you can even contribute your own article. Any suggestions or contributions for CodersLegacy are more than welcome.

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