Welcome to our Introduction section! In this section we’ll briefly discuss each of the Articles present within this section.

“How this Site works”

A must read for anyone looking to use this site often. This page goes through the structure of the site, explains how the content is ordered and gives you a tour of the entire site. Learning how to navigate this site is sure to be a bonus, so check it out asap.

Types of Programming Languages

A must read for all new programmers. This isn’t only about coding, its an in depth article which will help you understand the nature of programming languages and their peculiarities. Too many people just lump every thing that remotely resembles a programming language into one category. This Article will teach you to differentiate amongst every programming language. There’s an especially important piece in there about High Level and Low level languages that I recommend everyone read. It clears up a lot of misconceptions that even some experienced programmers make.

Which Programming Language to Use?

This article is basically an introduction to the world of programming languages. And unlike the previous article which categories programming languages by types, this article will individually analyse each programming language. We’ll be writing about the individual strengths and weaknesses of each programming language, which platform they are commonly used for and where they can be applied. This will help you decide which one is the best for you.

Which IDE to Choose?

Many new programmers make the mistake of using the standard IDE’s for some languages or even worse, they end up using software like Notepad++ and such to write code. What’s wrong with this you may ask. Well you see, there things called “Integrated Development Environments’ or short form “IDE’s”. These are software specially built to accommodate programmers during the coding process. They have enhanced tools like debuggers which make the coding process alot less hectic. This article will go through the best IDE for each language as well as explaining why it’s the best choice.

And that’s it. If you feel like we’re missing something important that should be here, feel free to mention so below in the comments. Your feedback will count.

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