Best YouTube Channels for Python [2023]

This article covers the best YouTube channels available for Python

Over the course of the last two decades, the use of books and conventional teaching in schools has been declining. On the same note, every year an increasing amount of people are being home schooled or are relying heavily on external online resources to supplement their education.

What is this external source that’s being so heavily relied by millions of students across the world? The answer is Video Tutorials of course.

In this article specifically we’ll be discussing YouTube, which is probably the largest Online Video site in the world, hosting videos on a wide range of topics from education to entertainment. To be more specific, we’ll be focusing on many popular Python education channels that have started up on YouTube, bringing us high quality education, free of cost.

Python YouTube Recommendations

Each Channel below has something unique, or it focuses on a certain area of Python. For instance, Chris Hawkes’s channel focuses on entry-level python for beginners whereas as Anaconda Inc, focuses on data science and machine learning.

We’ve included the subscriber count as a measure of how popular each YouTuber is. (Though that doesn’t necessarily mean one is better than the other)

TheNewBoston – (2.63 Million Subscribers)

The New Boston, run by Bucky Roberts is a fun place to learn programming, not just Python. The tutorials are delivered in a very easy going and casual manner that makes things easy to understand.

You’ll especially find a large of Python tutorials on Django, Web Scraping and networking here.

Sentdex – (1.13 Million subscribers)

Sentdex is a channel run by Harrison Kinsley, covering a wide range of python topics. From the basics to advanced tutorials on machine learning, data science, web development, game development etc, this channel has it all.

Derek Banas (1.19 Million Subscribers)

Derek Banas’s Channel has tutorials on just about every language you can think of, and then some more. If you’re looking for some specialized, hard-core training, I would highly recommend one of his Crash Courses which cover almost the entirety of a language within a single video.

Al Sweigart – (102K subscribers)

Al Sweigart is a rather well known person in the Python community, having written several popular books on Python that are globally used. You can be sure that he knows his stuff and is also a pretty good teacher.

One field that this channel specializes in is entry or beginner level Python, so beginners should highly consider this.

Real Python – (155K subscribers)

Real Python is both a website and a youtube channel run by a group of professional python coders. You can follow their channel for Python videos that are released every week that’ll help you gain new skills.

Socratica – (786K subscribers)

Another popular Python channel that focuses on Math and Science related tutorials. Python is a great language for Scientific computation and Data science. If you are interested in such topics and libraries, check this channel out.

Anaconda Inc – (21.3K subscribers)

A rather advanced Python channel run by the famous Anaconda group, known for their focus on Data science. If you’re interested in entering the world of machine learning and science, this channel is the right choice for you.

Chris Hawkes

In Chris Hawkes’s channel you get to learn about programming, web design, responsive web design, Reactjs, Django, Python, web scraping, games, forms applications and more!”

He also talks alot (in separate videos) about programming in general. Like advice for new programmers, explaining the struggles faced by new developers and a bunch of other “talks” that you will find helpful.


As you can guess from the name, it’s a Python channel aimed mostly towards beginners. It’s goal is to simplify coding to the extent that even kids could learn how to code.

This YouTube channel also has a dedicated website where they teach programming as well.


We have our own, CodersLegacy youtube channel which we’ve started a year ago. All our popular and liked content is going to get a video tutorial adaption. We also have many new and unique series planned out. So be sure to give it a look and subscribe so that your the first to know when we release something new.

This marks the end of the Best YouTube Channels for Python article. Any suggestions or contributions for CodersLegacy are more then welcome. Questions regarding the article content can be asked in the comments section below.

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