Ctypes vs Python – Performance Comparison

Python Ctypes is a foreign function library that allows Python code to call C or C++ functions directly. This can be useful for improving the performance of Python code, particularly when working with large data sets or computationally intensive tasks. In this Article we will be doing a Performance Comparison between Native Python Code and … Read more

Classes in Programming Languages

This article will covers the use of Classes in Programming languages. In the 1990’s, we saw the rapid rise of Object oriented programming languages like Java and C++. These object oriented programming languages used the concept that everything is made out of Objects and Classes. These objects contain data and functions, and can interact with … Read more

Difference between Structures and Classes in C++

In this article we will attempt to explain the difference between a Structure and a Class. This is a pretty interesting debate, and throughout this article you are about to learn exactly what Structures are capable of, and just how similar to Classes they are. Understanding Structures There are a few common misconceptions about Structures, … Read more