Ezoic Traffic and Publisher Requirements [2023]

Ezoic is a powerful platform that helps website owners optimize their website’s performance and monetize their traffic using ads. However, for website owners to fully benefit from Ezoic, they need to meet certain traffic and publisher requirements.

In this article, we will discuss Ezoic’s traffic and publisher requirements and how they can help website owners to optimize their website’s performance and revenue.

Ezoic’s Traffic Requirements:

Until 2022, Ezoic had a minimum requirement of 10,000 monthly visits to your site in order to apply. However, this requirement has now been removed with the introduction of the “Access Now” tier.

Newer publishers can now join the Ezoic platform, and take advantage of all their powerful tools for site optimization (LEAP, Cache, etc.) to grow their traffic. And obviously they get access to the Ezoic ad network as well.

It is worth mentioning that as your site traffic and revenue grows, Ezoic will give you better quality (and better paying) advertisers. So don’t be discouraged if the revenue on the “Access Now” tier is not as much as you expected. It will only get better from here.

Ezoic’s Publisher Requirements:

Ezoic’s publisher requirements are in place to ensure that website owners who join the platform meet certain standards and adhere to certain policies. The following are Ezoic’s publisher requirements as of 2023:

  • Content quality: Ezoic’s platform is designed for website owners with high-quality content. Invalid content types, such as automatically generated content, duplicate content, or pages with empty content can make your website ineligible for Ezoic.

  • Content topics: Ezoic and Google both have strict rules regarding what type of content can be monetized. For example, content regarding drugs, casinos, pornography, alcohol, racism, and guns are not allowed.

  • Invalid Traffic: The traffic your website should be receiving must be valid traffic (actual humans). Using bots, or traffic from questionable sources can result in your application being rejected.

  • Website Type: If you operate an ecommerce shop, or a corporate website, you are likely to be ineligible for Ezoic. However, if your website also runs a blog side-by-side, you have a good chance of getting in.

  • Malicious Activity: If your website is shady, or has malicious intent, Ezoic reserve the right to reject your application. Common examples of such “malicious activity” are deliberating redirecting the user to undesirable pages (e.g external sites), forcing clicks on ads (unnaturally), or displaying annoying popups constantly.

  • Language: There are a limited number of languages that Google AdSense allows us to be monetized. If you have a language that is not supported, you cannot monetize your content with Google AdSense or any related partners (Ezoic). You can find a list of supported languages here.

It is important to note that in order to apply to Ezoic, you also need to be approved by Google AdSense. So any rules and requirements by Google, or also requirements for Ezoic (by extension).

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Final Thoughts

The traffic and publisher requirements were put into place by Ezoic to ensure that website owners who join the platform have a steady stream of traffic and meet certain standards. By meeting these requirements, website owners can fully benefit from Ezoic’s platform and optimize their website’s performance and revenue.

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