Ezoic vs Google AdSense: Who pays better?

In this article, we will decide who wins the Ezoic vs Google AdSense debate, and also carefully analyze each individual area in which either of them performs better over the other.

We have personal experience with both Google AdSense and Ezoic, so we are fairly qualified to make this “vs” article on the two of them. By the end, we’ll also share just how much our earnings improved by moving from our original ad-network (Google AdSense) to Ezoic.

Now obviously earnings are very important. But there are some other small, but important factors to consider. Before we discuss the earnings, let’s go through these first.

Customer Support

The honest truth is that support on Google AdSense is practically non-existent. Contacting them is something long and arduous, and an absolute last resort. You are better off searching the internet or checking the AdSense forums. The only saving grace here is that the Google AdSense integrates easily and rarely runs into issues. Hence you won’t feel the need to contact them much.

Ezoic on the other hand, has some fairly solid customer support. Throughout the entire process, you will have an Ezoic representative who will be in constant contact with you over e-mail. During my Ezoic setup, I often exchanged 4-5 emails with my Ezoic rep in a single day. Dedicated Channels also exist through which you can communicate with their support team.

Ezoic support will also help you setup your account by manually adjusting settings in your dashboard or resolving backend issues (though they might get a little overbearing at times).


Integration with Google AdSense merely involves pasting a small piece of code into the header.php file in your website. For non-programmers this may seem a little daunting, but it’s actually really simple and you will find several guides online on how to access your header.php file.

Ezoic on the other hand, is more complicated. The actual Integration isn’t too hard, and doesn’t require you to touch the code at all. You will either have to change your nameservers, simply click on a button to integrate with cloudflare or just download and install a WordPress plugin.

It sounds simple, but Ezoic is several times more likely to cause some initial problems which require quite a bit of configuring to actually resolve. More on that in this article here on resolving Ezoic Issues.


This may seem pretty minor, but Ad Placement in Ezoic is easier and more customizable than it is in Google AdSense. In Ezoic, you can setup Ads where-ever you want, without even having to insert a single line of code anywhere on your site.

Ezoic offers the use of a Chrome browser plugin, which can be used to place Ads just by using your mouse to click the desired area. You can also opt for manually placing the code into your own site, or even use both systems together to get the optimal result. You can even customize settings for each individual ad in your Ezoic dashboard, such as possible Ad-sizes, padding, alignment and which platforms to show on (mobile or desktop or both).

Google AdSense on the other hand, requires you to manually add code, though they also have a newer system called Auto-Ads which places ads at random on your site. Overall it’s pretty manageable and good, but just less customizable and flexible than Ezoic.

Ezoic vs Google AdSense Payments:

It’s a well known fact that Google AdSense pays very little, and you will need tens of thousands of visitors per month before you can begin earning a substantial amount (e.g: $100+). To achieve an actual income, you will need 10 – 15x that amount, depending on your niche.

Luckily, there are many other options (e.g Ezoic and Mediavine) out there which pay better than Google AdSense. So why do so many people use AdSense if it pays so bad?

  1. Lack of awareness. Google AdSense is so widely used, most people don’t even know about the other options.
  2. Low requirements: You can get approved with just 1000 monthly users in Google AdSense. On other Ad-networks, the minimum traffic requirements can be upto 100 times higher.
  3. US based traffic: Many Ad-networks require most of your traffic to be US based. No such requirements exists with AdSense, hence all kinds of websites join it.

For these reasons, Google AdSense is the most popular Ad-network out there, used by an estimated amount of 40 million websites around the globe. That is probably more than every other ad-network combined.

For more information of Ezoic itself and it’s requirements, read our Ezoic Review.

Why does Ezoic pay Better?


Now you might ask, why does Ezoic pay so much? If you’ve done some research of your own, you might have heard claims that Ezoic increased earnings by upto 300%. So how is this possible?

Well let me break it down for you and explain why Ezoic is able to increase your earnings so much.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

Now while this is important and definitely helps increasing your earnings and improve user experience, it’s not enough to justify a 300% increase. Let’s take a look at some other factors, which often have a larger role in increasing earnings.

Increasing number of Ads:

Ezoic’s goal will be to display the maximum number of Ads available on your site. If you leave the max ads option unchecked, Ezoic may display 10+ ads on your site. This i believe is a major reason for the revenue increase.

While it’s fine to have many Ads, make sure they don’t hurt User experience much, such as keeping several Ads in the sidebar. Too many Ads can slow your site down too, so be sure to test everything carefully.

Of course, Ezoic’s algorithm will attempt to find the right number of Ads that can be displayed without harming User Experience, so you don’t have to worry too much.

Increasing site performance:

Another reason for increased revenue is likely behind the performance measures taken by Ezoic which you won’t find with other Ad-networks. Those who already have caching plugins or CDN’s may not experience any change, but those without these features will get a significant boost.

This will help improve traffic and lower bounce rates, which will undoubtedly increase revenue as well.

Another important factor here is how well your site and ad placement were optimized before joining Ezoic. A publisher who has already optimized his Ad-setup and performance might not see that much of an increase, in comparison to someone with a poorly optimized site.

Comparing my Earnings

Finally the most awaited part. How much did my earnings increase with Ezoic?

Without giving out exact figures, I can safely say that Ezoic was able to almost increase my earnings by about 250 – 300%. This was a pretty big deal as our site’s earnings were able to hit a very nice threshold after our switch to Ezoic.

If you are earning $5 daily, with Ezoic you could be making upto $15!

Ezoic vs Google AdSense Revenue
Daily Earnings

Some other changes that I noticed, is that Ezoic’s earnings are far more stable than Google AdSense. With AdSense, my earnings would fluctuate greatly, some days earning me 3x times more than others. With Ezoic, my revenue per 1000 visitors doesn’t change as much, which makes the revenue more reliable.

Some of you may not observe a revenue increase this drastic, as niche also plays a significant factor. Some niche’s will perform much better, and some will not perform that much better than Google AdSense.

In general, an EPMV of:

  • < 5$ is low
  • $5 – 10 is average
  • > $10 is high

For our site, the EPMV (in the first three months) averaged around $10.

If you are planning to join Ezoic, then use this referral link here, which will earn me a little commission (from Ezoic’s revenue, not yours).

Was it worth it?

Despite a few caveats here and there, the switch from Google AdSense to Ezoic was very much worth it. I definitely recommend others to atleast give Ezoic a shot. Worst case scenario, you can just switch back to Google AdSense and it will only take a few minutes.

There are other (arguably better) Ad networks as well, but most people will not be eligible for them, neither is there a guarantee they will perform better. In short, you need to go Ezoic right now, and send in an application.

Good luck!

This marks the end of the Google AdSense vs Ezoic Review. Any suggestions or contributions for CodersLegacy are more than welcome. Questions regarding the article content can be asked in the comments section below.

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