How Creativity Can Be Taught Through Coding

Computer programming is a language that tells computers what to do. Computers are built for logic, and the language of computer programming is just another way to communicate with them. Logic Building (another name for Coding) is a rather tricky process, through which Creativity and Critical Thinking can be taught.

How Creativity can be taught through coding

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Today’s children are growing up in a world that is changing faster than ever before. They are exposed to new technologies at younger ages, they are more likely to be exposed to other cultures and languages, and they are expected to learn how these things work at an earlier age. The idea of making something with your hands has not disappeared entirely, but it is being replaced by the idea of making things happen on a computer screen.  

What is Creativity?

Everyone has an idea of what creativity is. But few people can explain it in detail. The majority of the definition comes from popular culture, which provides a simple explanation through movies, books and other media. These definitions are not always accurate.

Creativity is often confused with intelligence, but that’s not true for all creative projects. Creativity does not have to be complex or difficult either. There are different types of creativity; divergent or convergent, and all play an important role in innovation.

Divergent thinking is also known as “out-of-the-box” thinking, because it involves considering multiple options for solving a problem. Convergent thinking, on the other hand, involves drawing conclusions from data and facts. Divergent thinkers tend to be more creative than convergent thinkers.

Why Teach Coding to Kids?

Coding is the language of the future. It’s an investment in kids, but it doesn’t always look like that at first sight. Many parents question whether they should teach their children coding or not?

Coding is the new literacy. Students who learn to code are equipped for success in any workforce, regardless of what field they choose. The world is moving towards a digitally driven economy and coding is now an essential skill that everyone should know. This doesn’t just pertain to students, but also to parents too! 

Everyone can benefit from understanding how technology works. Understanding this will make you more productive and efficient with your time, allowing you to do things like spending more quality time with family or friends, or doing artistic projects.

The Process of Learning to Code

The process of learning to code is a difficult one. It takes time, practice, and commitment. The good news is that this process can be fun if you are willing to invest the necessary time. If you are new to coding it can seem like an insurmountable task. You might think that it will take years before you become proficient at writing code. This need not be the case, you can learn to write basic programs in only a few months if you put your mind to it and apply yourself consistently with diligence and practice.

A Creative and Fun Way to Learn

Coding is not only about learning how to write code, but it’s also about learning how to learn. When kids play with coding, they are learning the fundamentals of computer science while having fun! Coding is no longer an activity just for techies; it’s for all ages and interests.

The best way to get kids involved in coding is through games that teach them the basics of programming, logic, algorithms and debugging. Games themselves invoke alot of creativity within the mind, hence they are a great choice.


Python is a simple, powerful and object oriented programming language that is used to create interactive and feature rich web applications. It’s one of the easiest languages around, which makes it a very popular choice for beginners.

It is one of the most popular languages among developers. However, it’s not just for developers anymore! Kids are using Python to play games, create art projects, and even write apps. A lot of parents should take advantage of this and introduce their kids to


Logic Learning is a platform where kids can learn and master the art of programming. It is an open source website and the content is available for free.

Kids can learn logic by studying about different games. Games like Chess, Checkers and other strategy based games that the kids will play with peers or parents are good for this purpose. Kids can also learn logic from puzzles such as crossword puzzles.

The study of Logic will help children to develop their thinking skills which is important for mathematical and scientific aptitude in future. It is best to introduce these concepts at a young age to make it easier for them to grasp the concepts and imbibe it in their day-to-day life.


Algorithms are something that people have been obsessed with for centuries. It is the heart of computer programming, and it is the main concept behind all of the most successful tech companies .

Algorithms are essentially a set of rules to follow when solving problems. They are constantly being used in our everyday lives without us even realizing it, from driving to work to performing simple tasks on your smartphone. Even though they may not be as flashy as some other tech concepts, algorithms can make or break most big tech companies out there today. One way to get started with learning algorithms is by creating games for kids


Debugging is a vital part of programming. If you want to write code, you have to learn how to debug it. Debugging is the process of fixing bugs, faults, errors and exceptions in computer programs, but it’s also a powerful learning opportunity for kids.

A lot of people think debugging is just a boring exercise that has no real-world value for kids, but they’re wrong. Debugging teaches kids how computers work at a foundational level, and when combined with other subjects like math and science it can be an extremely valuable educational experience.

There are many methods to debug code but the best way is by using the child method or otherwise known as ‘subroutine’. This method involves assigning one task for each function/method so that it can be easily used later on when debugging occurs.


While coding can be a daunting task to master, it doesn’t have to be. We encourage you to teach your children the basics of coding and computer programming, as it will bring out their creative side and give them a head start in their future careers.

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