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Welcome to Coders Legacy, a coding site aimed primarily towards aspiring new programmers looking to expand their skill set.

What is CodersLegacy about?

As someone who has been coding for almost a decade, it’s my wish to store all the things I’ve learnt throughout my journey. I’ve learnt so many things from so many places, I couldn’t possibly remember it all at once. As a programming enthusiast, I’m also constantly promoting coding and teaching young coders in hopes of bolstering the coding community.

Pursuing these two desires of mine, I eventually had the idea of creating a website where I would store everything I know for people to come and learn from. In essence, it would be a legacy I would leave behind for the Coders of tomorrow, hence the name CodersLegacy.

Our Goal:

One issue I faced while programming, and still face to some degree is how difficult certain information can be to find. Many sites will casually omit certain details when explaining a certain topic, giving the impression that there is nothing else besides what’s shown on their website. It’s fine to not include all the information regarding a certain topic, that’s what documentation is for after all. But it would not hurt to include a few extra lines giving a brief overview of what was omitted and a link to it’s documentation.

Due to this, I never pickup my information from just one place. I open up several different sites and sometimes the documentation as well. With CodersLegacy, I aim to store everything useful in one place, so that this site will be the only one a user will ever have to visit. My goal is to make sure that this will be the only place you ever have to visit.

In order to make sure we have all the relevant information, I make sure to go through the documentation for it, start to finish. Of course, there is a reason why you’re visiting a site such as this, rather than the documentation. It’s because the documentation is stuffed full of information that a beginner might be overwhelmed with. Hence, I make it my goal to personally go through the documentation, extracting the most useful information and posting in a user friendly format here.

Further more, we’ll also be focusing on showing you how to apply your coding knowledge. Too many programmers only the theory of coding, and have rarely spent any time actually practicing by themselves. We intend to fix this by uploading several scenarios per concept which outline a problem, and teaching you guys how to get through them. A step by step breakdown of each step will be provided to fully develop your concepts and understanding. You can see how it looks like by following this link, Problem Solving with Python.


Remember those three words that greet when you open this site? “Learn”, “Develop” and “Contribute”. We’ve covered both the “Learn” and “Develop” aspects above. Let’s talk about the last one now.

This site is designed to ever-growing. With the passage of time, more and more content will be published here. There are dozens of topics out there to cover, the sky is the limit really. I will personally be adding more and more information here as I move forward in my Coding journey, but there is only so much one person can do.

So why not write some Articles of your own? Come up with examples, scenarios and questions for us to post about. If nothing else, make sure to give us your feedback, on what you felt was lacking, and what new content you would like to see. See the Contribute page to learn more about the process and the perks involved.

Any questions about something in the article, or about CodersLegacy? Ask below in the comments section.

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