Expanding Your Java Developer Career Path

Using programming languages is a skill many aspire to learn. Communicating with software or computers to make them perform various tasks is a lucrative job indeed. Among the many programming languages available, JavaScript is considered one of the more popular programs; it’s easy to learn, versatile, has a “write once and run anywhere” principle, and … Read more

JavaFX vs Swing | Java GUI Libraries [2022]

This article is a JavaFX vs Swing Comparison, explaining the pros and cons. Java has long been a very popular language since the 1990’s, used by a great number of people. Overtime many Java GUI frameworks have come and gone. There are a few that stand out as the most important, and those of those … Read more

Java GUI Frameworks Guide

This article reviews the most important GUI Libraries/Frameworks in Java. Once you’ve graduated from creating simple console based applications, programs which graphical user interfaces (or GUI) are the next step. Java has several GUI libraries or “frameworks” which provide support for creating modern and feature rich user interfaces. Bear in mind that there are actually … Read more