Creating a Login Form with PyQt6

In this tutorial, we’ll walk through the process of creating a simple login form using PyQt6, a set of Python bindings for Qt, a powerful GUI toolkit. We’ll create a window with a title, username and password fields, and buttons for registration and login. Additionally, we’ll implement a basic login functionality to check if the … Read more

Switching between Multiple Screens in Tkinter (dynamically)

The following article demonstrates a useful trick in Tkinter to create multiple “screens” (e.g. a login screen, register screen, main page screen) within a single window! Instead of creating a new window for each screen, we will use a single tkinter window, which swaps dynamically between multiple “screens” (represented by frames). This is more efficient … Read more

5 Best Frameworks for Developing Mobile Apps in 2023

The mobile app development landscape is continuously evolving, and developers are always on the lookout for efficient tools and frameworks to streamline the development process. In 2023, with the growing demand for feature-rich and cross-platform mobile applications, choosing the right framework becomes crucial for developers and businesses alike. This article presents an overview of the … Read more

Creating a Table in CustomTkinter

CustomTkinter is a powerful library that extends the functionality of Tkinter in Python. While CustomTkinter does not provide a built-in table widget, we can recreate a table-like structure using the grid() layout manager and entry widgets. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of building a custom table in CustomTkinter. We … Read more

CustomTkinter Tutorial: Creating Modern GUI in Tkinter

Tkinter is one of the most popular libraries for GUI development in Python. However, many people find it’s GUI to be rather outdated and bland-looking. Luckily, many solutions to this problem exist, such as the ttk sub-module and tkinter themes). In this tutorial we will be discussing a new library called “customtkinter” which introduces a … Read more

PyQt6 Themes using CSS Stylesheets

In this article, we will explore how to use CSS stylesheets to create themes for your PyQt6 application. PyQt6 is a powerful library that allows developers to create desktop applications using Python. One of the most useful features of PyQt6 is the ability to customize the appearance of your application using CSS stylesheets. With stylesheets, … Read more

Generating Dynamic Content (widgets) in Tkinter

In this Tkinter tutorial, we will explore how to generate Dynamic Content (widgets) in Tkinter. Most Tkinter applications are “static”. This means that when a Tkinter window is generated, the widgets that get generated along with it remain constant. Widgets do not get created or destroyed during the runtime of your application. We have previously … Read more

Tkinter GUI Designer Tutorial (Figma to Tkinter)

Creating complex and visually appealing interfaces can be time-consuming and difficult with Tkinter alone. GUI development requires writing alot of code, including carefully positioning each GUI element for a proper layout. Lucky for us, there is an easier way of doing this using the Tkinter GUI Designer, which converts Figma documents into Tkinter applications that … Read more