Python “No Module Named” Import Error

This Article discusses the famed “no module named xxx” import error in Python. As someone who owns a Coding website and blog, I tend to keep an eye out on the Programming community and their troubles. If I notice enough demand for a certain topic or question, I’ll create a tutorial or make a post … Read more

Python – Import a class from another File

This Article explains how to import a class from another Python file. If you’ve been coding in Python for over a week, there’s a 9 out of 10 chance that you’ve already begun importing some libraries into your code to enhance the functionality of your code. Python would not have the world wide recognition it … Read more

Understanding Bytecode and Java Virtual Machines

While you don’t need to know about the details of Bytecode and JVM’s to qualify as a Java programmer, such knowledge is still very beneficial. The first step to mastering a language is understanding it’s very basic concepts and inner workings. Furthermore, such knowledge will matter on a higher level, especially when you’re dealing with … Read more

Programming Languages for creating Desktop Applications

This article will talk you through the best programming languages used for creating Desktop applications. But first, what are Desktop applications? A desktop application is an application that runs stand-alone on a desktop or laptop computer. This is contrast with Web-based applications which require a Web browser to run. This is also in contrast with mobile … Read more

Best Python Libraries to learn

This article covers the best Python libraries out there. A language that relies heavily on it’s library, Python has amassed hundreds of thousands of libraries over the years. Here we have selected over a dozen of Python’s best libraries to show case their abilities. The libraries mentioned in this article will cover a wide range … Read more

How to create Software in Python?

Before we get around to explaining how to create software using Python, let’s list down some basic differences between an actual software and the small scripts. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) Exception Handling Logging System Software is compiled code that is executed Scripts are interpreted Script are typically a single file program Software may consists … Read more

Top 11+ Coding practices for Great Coders

A compilation of all good coding practices for both new and experienced programmers. A must read, especially for newcomers or those looking to begin develop proper software and programs, even if it’s only on a basic level. In some sections of this article we have some code snippets for further elaboration on certain coding practices. … Read more

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