BeautifulSoup User Agents in Python

BeautifulSoup is a popular Python library that simplifies web scraping by allowing you easily extract useful information from HTML (web) files. In this article, we will explain what User Agents are, why they are essential for web scraping, and how to use them in BeautifulSoup. What is a User Agent? User-Agent is a header that … Read more

Generating Dynamic Content (widgets) in Tkinter

In this Tkinter tutorial, we will explore how to generate Dynamic Content (widgets) in Tkinter. Most Tkinter applications are “static”. This means that when a Tkinter window is generated, the widgets that get generated along with it remain constant. Widgets do not get created or destroyed during the runtime of your application. We have previously … Read more

7 Reasons why your Ezoic ads are not showing

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Tkinter GUI Designer Tutorial (Figma to Tkinter)

Creating complex and visually appealing interfaces can be time-consuming and difficult with Tkinter alone. GUI development requires writing alot of code, including carefully positioning each GUI element for a proper layout. Lucky for us, there is an easier way of doing this using the Tkinter GUI Designer, which converts Figma documents into Tkinter applications that … Read more

Ezoic Traffic and Publisher Requirements [2023]

Ezoic is a powerful platform that helps website owners optimize their website’s performance and monetize their traffic using ads. However, for website owners to fully benefit from Ezoic, they need to meet certain traffic and publisher requirements. In this article, we will discuss Ezoic’s traffic and publisher requirements and how they can help website owners … Read more

cx_Freeze vs Pyinstaller Comparison

In this article, we will be comparing two very popular libraries used for converting Python Code Files to standalone EXE’s (executables). This ‘cx_Freeze vs Pyinstaller’ comparison will help you understand the various pros and cons of each library, and which one you ought to be using. What are Pyinstaller and Cx_Freeze used for? Pyinstaller and … Read more

Better alternatives to Pyinstaller in Python

In this article, we will discuss several (better) alternatives to the popular Pyinstaller library in Python. Python is a popular programming language widely used for creating a variety of applications, from web scraping to machine learning. One of the challenges of distributing Python applications is that they require a Python interpreter to be installed on … Read more

The Evolution of Data Science with Python

Over time, the phrase “data science” has gained massive popularity and importance in every industry. The time when data workers had to rely on pricey programs and mainframes is long gone. The field of Data Science has experienced a major evolution with the introduction of languages like Python and R. The methodology behind collecting, analyzing, and … Read more