Python Metaclass Tutorial (with Examples)

In this Python tutorial, we will discuss the concept of a “Metaclass”, and how it can be used effectively. Metaclasses are a powerful feature in Python that allow you to create classes dynamically at runtime. In Python, everything is an object, including classes. When you define a class in Python, you are actually creating an … Read more

How to add image (data) files in Pyinstaller EXE

Pyinstaller is a popular tool used by Python developers to convert their Python code into a standalone executable file that can be run on any machine without the need for Python to be installed. When creating an executable using Pyinstaller, it is often necessary to include additional “data” files such as an image, configuration file, … Read more

CustomTkinter Tutorial: Creating Modern GUI in Tkinter

Tkinter is one of the most popular libraries for GUI development in Python. However, many people find it’s GUI to be rather outdated and bland-looking. Luckily, many solutions to this problem exist, such as the ttk sub-module and tkinter themes). In this tutorial we will be discussing a new library called “customtkinter” which introduces a … Read more

PyQt6 Themes using CSS Stylesheets

In this article, we will explore how to use CSS stylesheets to create themes for your PyQt6 application. PyQt6 is a powerful library that allows developers to create desktop applications using Python. One of the most useful features of PyQt6 is the ability to customize the appearance of your application using CSS stylesheets. With stylesheets, … Read more

Changing HTML tags and content with Python BeautifulSoup

If you’re working with HTML in Python, the BeautifulSoup library is an excellent choice for parsing and manipulating HTML content. Most people only know about BeautifulSoup in the context of “parsing” HTML content. Little do they know, that BeautifulSoup can also be used for changing (replacing) tags and HTML content in Python. For example, let’s … Read more

Pyinstaller Spec File Tutorial

In this Pyinstaller Tutorial, we will discuss how to manage, modify, and use the Spec File to compile EXE’s. Generating a single executable file that works flawlessly on every platform is not an easy task. That’s where the PyInstaller spec file comes into play. In this article, we’ll discuss what the PyInstaller spec file is … Read more

BeautifulSoup User Agents in Python

BeautifulSoup is a popular Python library that simplifies web scraping by allowing you easily extract useful information from HTML (web) files. In this article, we will explain what User Agents are, why they are essential for web scraping, and how to use them in BeautifulSoup. What is a User Agent? User-Agent is a header that … Read more